Remington Bucket-o-Bullets .22LR 36gr HP 1400/Bucket (1622B)

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Legendary 22 Golden Bullet Plated Round Nose and Hollow Point bullets are engineered for easy cycling and solid performance. High Velocity increases downrange energy, extending your effective range. Improved priming compound ensures consistent ignition at a great value.
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Remington Bucket-o-Bullets .22LR 36gr HP 1400/Bucket (1622B)
This bucket features 1400 rounds of Remington High Velocity 22LR Copper Plated 36 Grain Hollow Point ammunition packed in a handy white plastic bucket. No matter your needs, from getting young shooters started, plinking and target shooting, to small-game hunting, Remington's rimfire is what you need.
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Casing TypeBrass
Bullet ProfileHollow Point (HP)
Bullet Weight36 Gr
Caliber22 LR
ActivityGeneral Purpose, Hunting
Velocity AVG1280 FPS
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