Why Are You Paying Sales Tax On Your Order?


Due to the  July, 2018  Supreme Court Decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair - Online retailers that meet/exceed a certain revenue threshold in a given state are required to collect (charge) sales tax to orders placed in that state. It’s The Law…


What States Do We Charge Sales Tax In?


As of August 2020, we must charge sales tax on your order subtotal to majority of states in the lower 48. We use a real-time sales tax calculator at checkout that is based off of your shipping address. This calculation is based off of your states sales tax and any potential county/city sale tax rates. 


*Reminder If you live in a state that charges sales tax BUT you purchase online from a company that does not charge sales tax, you are legally required to pay that “Use Tax” as a consumer.



For more information on the supreme court ruling and compliance click here.