Thank you for making LAX Ammunition your go-to provider for all things ammo and firearms accessories!  We are Southern California’s premiere loading center, manufacturing over a million rounds each week.  We specialize in both factory-new and reloaded ammunition, offering big name brands like Winchester, Remington and Federal, in addition to our own LAX-branded ammo.

To make your shopping experience easy and enjoyable, we wanted to share the following information with all of our valued customers:

Shopping in our Online Ammunition Store

Our online store is a great way for shooters to buy ammo online as we ship to customers Nationwide (in accordance with local, State and Federal laws). Sometimes our online prices are cheaper than our brick-and-mortar location due to the fact that there are less overhead expenses associated with our online ammunition store and there may be online competitors that we need to stay competitive with in order to move product.

  • Easy online ordering available 24/7
  • Nationwide competitive pricing
  • Free shipping on LAX-brand ammunition for first-time customers
  • Simplified ordering and check-out process

Shopping at our Brick-and-Mortar Location

Our brick-and-mortar store in Inglewood, California is a great place for Southern California residents to purchase their ammunition and firearms accessories.  Because we have to pay employees and overhead expenses on our building and loading facility, our in-store prices are slightly higher than what you pay when you buy ammo online at times.  However, our brick-and-mortar store comes with some added benefits:

  • Real-time customer service and support
  • Retail store prices will not fluctuate as much as online prices
  • No shipping fees
  • We are the lowest priced ammo store anywhere in California, especially on bulk ammo purchases
  • Largest selection anywhere in the country
  • New inventory available in-store before it hits our website
  • Ability to pay in cash
  • Little to no wait times
  • In-store rebates available throughout the year
  • Expertise available from our knowledgeable in-store staff
  • Our retail store gets first stocking priority when products are scarce


*If demand skyrockets and prices in the overall market rise, our in-store prices typically remain more stable.