LAX Ammunition is Southern California’s largest ammo retailer with stores in Inglewood, Huntington Beach and San Diego. Our flagship location in Inglewood is also home to our full-service LAX Firing Range. It started with the LAX Firing Range, and in 2009 we established LAX Ammo as a solution to product scarcity and high prices. We stock and carry a large supply of LAX branded, factory new ammunition, as well as high quality reloads for our customers, which offers them substantial savings. In addition to providing our own high quality ammunition, LAX has gone direct with companies such as Remington, PMC, Fiocchi, Winchester and Federal/CCI, which allows us to pass on additional savings.

We also service the nation’s ammo enthusiasts with a fully booked Gun Show schedule. Now owned by Freedom Munitions, LLC, LAX branded ammunition is manufactured in the USA in Lewiston, Idaho and offers both pistol and rifle calibers.

We guarantee all of our ammunition with 100% Satisfaction! Our reloads are a great way for customers to practice at an economical rate without giving up quality. Give them a try and see why we have so many repeat customers.