Freedom X-DEF Defense 44 Mag 240 gr Hollow Point (HP) New (Free Shipping! Orders $200 - $2000)

Designed for defense, this .44 Mag ammunition utilizes a brass case with X-Treme Bullets’ copper plated, 240 grain X-DEF hollow point expanding bullet and is loaded with premium, low-flash powder. Thoroughly tested in Freedom Munitions’ own underground ballistics lab, the 240 grain projectile travels at a velocity of 1350 fps with a 6” barrel and penetrates 15”-18” in clear ballistic gelatin. In a grizzly situation, this component recipe and kinetic energy of 971 ft lbs provides an effective choice for protection.
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0.8796 Per round
Freedom X-DEF Defense 44 Mag 240 gr Hollow Point (HP) New (Free Shipping! Orders $200 - $2000)

Engineered from the ground up with optimum penetration and weight retention in mind. The 10MM X-DEF projectile features penetration of 13"-15” in Clear Ballistic Gelatin. With at least 99% weight retention, X-DEF is one of the best performing personal defense projectiles available today.

Personal defense ammunition is conventionally packaged in 20 or 25 count boxes. Freedom Munitions X-DEF, however, is packaged in 50 count boxes -but at the same price levels you’re used to paying for the competition's 20-25 count boxes.

Better projectile, better performance, and better value. Freedom Munitions X-DEF is the choice for personal defense ammunition.

More Information
ManufacturerFreedom Munitions
Casing TypeBrass
Bullet ManufacturerX-Treme Bullets
Bullet TypeLead
Bullet ProfileHollow Point (HP)
Bullet Weight240 Gr
Caliber44 Magnum
Velocity AVG1350 FPS
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