Many leading proponents of factory new ammo assert that factory ammo is surpassing handloads in many ways, including cost, accuracy, and convenience. This shift in quality is a result of advancements in technology which allow for better tooling and manufacturing. Furthermore, many leading manufacturers invest great effort into ballistic research and development and use state of the art facilities to make significant improvements, enough so that duds are now a rarity.

For instance, a gun expert may spend countless hours assembling a handload, trying to perfect accuracy, consistency, trying different weights, powders, primers and more. The gun expert may take into account humidity levels, temperature, trigger speed, wind speed, etc. while handloading dozens of rounds. Then he may find that his best efforts can’t match the precision of a factory load.

New technological advancements in the mass production of ammunition are making factory new ammo as good or even better than handloads.

The bottom line is that today’s factory new ammo is simply really, really good and getting better all the time. You can consistently count on it to fire every time you pull the trigger, and you can expect the shots to consistently group. But the kicker is that good ammo is no longer just coming from small specialty ammo factories, rather, the big ammo factories are creating amazingly accurate shots too.

So, if you are still handloading, it’s probably not to save money or to get improved accuracy. People that still reload today do it for the enjoyment of the process, and for gun enthusiasts, that’s understandable.

factory new ammo

Most likely it’s an excuse to get away from your significant other, lock yourself in your man cave, and enjoy some alone time; it can be therapeutic in that sense. But, unless you are a benchrest shooter trying to achieve phenomenal success as a shooter, handloading won’t make that much (if any) of an improvement.

The beauty of today’s factory new ammo is that you can order it online and have it delivered to your doorstep. So unless you are a professional shooter or are simply looking to have a therapeutic hobby handloading, factory new ammo is definitely the way to go.

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