Help Your Friends Get Over Their Gun phobia

Help Your Friends Get Over Their Gun phobia

No matter how much you support the second amendment, chances are you have friends, or at least know someone that has internalized anti-gun culture. Arguments will happen over and over but the only way to really convince them is to actually have them face their fears. Here are some tips to help the people you love understand guns enough so they no longer fear them. Then send them in our directions so they can buy ammo online for some pretty great prices.

Face Your Fears

There are a lot of people that have a genuine, emotional reaction to firearms, even an unloaded one. You can unlearn this fear by getting comfortable with handling a gun. Follow the safety guidelines that all gun owners live and die by. Practice picking it up, hold it, load and unload it, and properly aim it while it is unloaded. The best way to overcome any fear is by confronting it head-on, a gun phobia is no different.

Just Shoot it

Get a friend or someone you trust to teach you how to shoot a gun. You’ll learn a lot of valuable information from simply shooting. You’ll learn that it’s a lot harder than you think to hit a target and that firing a gun by accident is a lot harder than it looks on TV.

Use Less Aggressive Means To Practice

There are ways to practice shooting that doesn't involve live ammunition. Use a laser grip to practice your aim by pointing your unloaded gun at a target and activating the laser to see how good your aim is. Dry firing drills will also help you get a feel for your trigger pull without the cost of bullets, the bang, and the stress. This will help you build up your muscle memory while reducing your anxiety.

Stereotypical Gun Culture Doesn’t Exist Everywhere

Don’t let the stereotypical gun culture get you down. While it exists all over the media and social platforms, it’s not everywhere. There are plenty of ranges that accept shooters of all levels. There is no need to be intimidated; most environments embrace newbies because it helps them advance their second amendment rights. There are also ranges that offer classes to help you with feeling more comfortable with guns. Our own LAX Range, for example. That way you’ll be able to defend yourself with a hell of a lot more than just your moral outrage if it ever came to that.

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