To no surprise, California gun laws are trying to change, yet again. 

The state is seeking for stores to require keeping records of who is buying, and for buyers to show identification before being able to make any purchases. The United States is one of the biggest ammunition manufacturers, and California is trying to, in a sense, create a screen door for this.

This is due to the recent shootings going on all over the country. The state of California is trying to hold someone or something accountable and guns and gun owners alike are their new scapegoats. By having ammunition regulations, California is trying to strip gun owners of their rights. It is not realistic for there to be ammunition regulations, due to the fact that where there is a will, there’s a way. Ammunition could easily be hidden in either drugs that are transported illegally or inside actual guns.

California’s Need To Be A People Pleaser

California has the need to be the state that actually “does something”, and receive a round of applause from others. However, what they refuse to realize is that they wouldn’t restrict the rights of others to the rights of the internet, or to buy groceries. So why are gun owners in California  being stripped of their rights to purchase ammunition? They are making it so that buying ammunition is harder than ever, and slowly making their way to taking away gun rights overall. It’s up to gun owners to stand up to proposals for California gun laws to change. By advocating against these proposals, we are showing these states that we have the right to bear arms, and ammunition. By having the right to bear arms, we essentially should also have the right to purchase ammunition. You cannot have one without the other.  Gun owners have to show these states that there are thousands of people advocating for guns and their second amendment. Gun owners cannot sit quietly through proposals like these, because the effects will slowly trickle down and before we know it, they will be proposing a ban on guns in general. Our Shooting Range in Los Angeles is committed to making sure all of our voices are heard and rights preserved.

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