10mm ammo has improved greatly, and the 30th Anniversary Colt Delta Elite is evidence of that

How has the 10mm been updated?

  • The 10mm has been stagnant since the introduction of the .40S&W
  • As of 2002, Doubletap started offering 10mm loads, which kick-started interest around the load
  • Now able to handle a 165 grain bullet 1,400+ fps at muzzle, it’s a real stiff shot
  • Loads, including the Hornady, make the caliber as easy to shoot as a +P .45 ammo

The 10mm auto cartridge was initially introduced in 1983 for the now-defunct Bren Ten pistol. Although some people credit J. Cooper for inventing the shot, he actually was not the inventor, although he did inspire the creation of the shot.

The round had appeal for the defensive shooter because it mimics the .357 Magnum power with a greater capacity than the .45 Auto, out of a semi auto pistol. However, it never really caught on. The ammo had both a high price and a large recoil, both things that our shooters find undesirable.

The 10mm ammo shot gained notoriety with the Colt Delta Elite in 1987 and was for a brief time the FBI go-to. With the introduction of the .40 S&W, brought an end to the short lived dalliance with the FBI, and 10mm ammo has languished ever since. Jump ahead 15 years, Doubletap, an ammunition manufacturer based out of Utah, began offering 10mm ammo in 2002. This led to an enthusiastic demand and interest in the load. As a result, Colt introduced a new version of the Delta Elite…so we decided to test the 10mm load.

If you can handle recoil from the .45Auto, than you can handle the 10mm. However, handle is not the same as manage. The 165 grain bullet coming out of a 40oz gun barrel at a 1,350+ fps creates 650+ foot-pounds of energy, which is not exactly pleasant, and is not as easy to control as the .45 auto.

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