Barnes Vor-TX 6.5 Creedmoor 120gr TSX BT (30815) ($5.99 Shipping! Orders $200 - $2000)

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Barnes VOR-TX is precision ammunition offering double-diameter expansion, maximum weight retention and excellent accuracy. The TSX bullets provide maximum tissue and bone destruction, pass-through penetration and devastating energy transfer. Multiple grooves in the bullet's shank reduce pressure and improve accuracy. Bullets open instantly on contact - no other bullet expands as quickly. Nose peels back into four sharp-edged copper petals destroying tissue, bone and vital organs for a quick, humane kill. Whether you're after whitetail deer, elk, antelope or boar, put 'em in the VOR-TX and they're going down.
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Barnes Vor-TX 6.5 Creedmoor 120gr TSX BT (30815) ($5.99 Shipping! Orders $200 - $2000)

About Barnes Bullets

Fred Barnes, founder of Barnes Bullets, began selling bullets out of his basement workshop in Bayfield, CO in 1932. Randy and Coni Brooks purchased the company in 1974 and moved the business to American Fork, Utah. Years later in 1985, Randy conceived the idea of an expanding all-copper bullet on a hunting trip. Their prototype became the world-renowned X Bullet® and changed the way hunters viewed bullet construction and terminal performance. Today, Barnes products are highly trusted and respected among hunters and shooters worldwide.

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ManufacturerBarnes Bullets
Bullet ProfileTipped Triple-Shock X (TTSX)
Bullet Weight120 Gr
Caliber6mm Creedmoor
ActivityGeneral Purpose
Velocity AVG2910 FPS
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