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Customer Reviews:
Sorce1  (Thursday, 27 March 2014)
Rating: 5
Looking at the other reviews listed here is an insight into the psychology of the consumer. Note that no one is reviewing the quality of the ammo,
they are just bitching about the cost. Like another reviewer, I spend several thousand dollars at LAX Ammo a year and am absolutely thrilled that we
have a place in LA that has ammo available, at a decent price, on a consistent basis. Particularly the reloads for practicing. This 22LR is more
expensive than Wallmart, so go line up at 6 AM and spend 3 hours saving money. If you look online and want 22 LR ammo shipped to your house, you are
going to spend .11 cents to .14 cents per round.

tunetyme  (Thursday, 27 March 2014)
Rating: 3
I'll play devils advocate - At least LAX has some 22LR! If you wanna be that guy that stands in line early in the a.m. @ select shops - more power
to you. I would wager that if LAX had this priced at $75 it would of been gone in no time. You call your friends and I'll call my friends and
they'll call their friends. Although I digress, $75 a pop is more reasonable than $210 a pop. And what's with the .99? This ain't Costco!
Last year this same can was $60 and it was considered high. Its wrong but you have the power to use your plastic elsewhere.

lancer308  (Thursday, 27 March 2014)
Rating: 3
Wow, that is just awful that laxammon would gouge on ammo. They can find some other idiot sucker to buy it. i just bought two of the same bucket at
Academy Sports for only $75 each.

bigdogbiker  (Tuesday, 25 March 2014)
Rating: 5
I have spent several thousand dollars buying ammo from LAX, and like everyone else, I've been waiting to buy 22lr. Now that some has finally arrived
LAX is selling it at scalpers prices. LAX can keep their 22lr ammo at this price. I refuse to pay anything more than .10 per round including
shipping! A year ago this ammo sold for .035 per round. What's wrong with this picture. You have to be at Walmart on the morning the ammo arrives
to buy it but at least they are not scalping the price. I am VERY disappointed with LAX Ammo for taking advantage of their customers.

fishfinder  (Tuesday, 25 March 2014)
Rating: 3
I am really disappointed in the huge price jump. I have always gone to LAX for reasoably priced ammo. 209+ shipping is outragous. Walmart still sells
at old school prices (when available)., why must everyone else triple the pricetag on 22lr. Good product but I will continue to exercise my patience
at that price.


Remington 22 Bucket O' Bullets 1400rds


This product is currently not available.
$ 139.99

Remington Bucket O' Bullets

22 LR Golden Bullet

36 Gr. Plated Hollow Point

Velocity: 1280 fps at muzzle

     1010 fps at 100yds

Hollow point bullet designed for:

- Rapid, dependable expansion

- Greater Accuracy

- Superior game-stopping performance

- Reduced barrel fouling

1400 Rounds per Bucket

Rimfire arrow 22 LR Ammo arrow Remington 22 Bucket O' Bullets 1400rds
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