Freedom 300 Win MAG 168 A-Max New ($5.99 Shipping! Orders $200 - $2000)

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A well respected cartridge for it's hunting accuracy and long range power, Freedom 300 Win Mag 168 A-MAX is excellent range rifle ammo. Loaded with the A-MAX bullet from Hornady, it was developed for spot on accuracy. Intended for range use, this round is great match ammunition.
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Freedom 300 Win MAG 168 A-Max New ($5.99 Shipping! Orders $200 - $2000)

About the Bullet

Hornady A-MAX bullets use a secant ogive geometric profile, which works to produce low drag and flatter trajectories. This shape also provides the optimum bearing surface for stability in flight and the best ballistic coefficient possible. The ultra low-drag tip and uniform point raises the ballistic coefficient and precisely balances the center of pressure relative to the center of gravity in order to achieve optimal in-flight stability. The jacket itself uses the AMP (Advanced Manufacturing Process) style that Hornady pioneered, which is extremely uniform with almost no variation in thickness.

More Information
ManufacturerFreedom Munitions
Casing TypeBrass
Bullet TypeLead
Bullet ProfileA-MAX®
Bullet Weight168 Gr
Caliber300 Win Mag
ActivityGeneral Purpose, Competition
Velocity AVG3100 FPS
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