Hornady 12 GA 1 oz Rifled Slug American Whitetail 5ct (86234) .

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Designed for smooth-bore barrels, Hornady® American Whitetail® Rifled Slugs are loaded with a 1-ounce foster style slug. The hollow point style slug features a tough, lead alloy core loaded to 1,600 feet per second. The compression style wad protects the slug at ignition and helps to seal the bore for maximum velocity.
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Hornady 12 GA 1 oz Rifled Slug American Whitetail 5ct (86234) .


Designed for fully rifled barrels, Hornady® American Whitetail® Slugs are loaded with 325-grain Hornady® InterLock® bullets. A hollow point serrated design initiates rapid expansion upon impact, and a tough, lead alloy core is lethal out to 200+ yards. The rigid polycarbonate driver in the sabot ensures accuracy. The end result is an accurate delivery system for a tough shotgun slug capable of taking the biggest midwestern whitetails.

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Gauge12 Ga
Shell Length2 3/4"
Slug TypeRifled
Slug Weight1 oz
Velocity AVG1600 FPS
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