Tips to keep your firearms and ammunition safe during flooding

Many parts of the country have been affected, or under the threat of heavy flooding from storms. While the safety and security of your family and loved ones comes first, everyone should also have a plan to keep their firearms and ammunition high and dry as well.

It’s important to remember that most gun safes are far from watertight. A high quality hard sided case is more likely to keep your guns dry, and if you remove the foam and place each gun into a silicone treated sock, you should be able to fit more into a single case. Securing the case with a cable to a structural hard point, or putting it back inside your safe is also a good idea if you’re in an area threatened by catastrophic flooding. There are also some reasonably watertight tool boxes available from various home improvement and farm supply stores, or even a cooler could be an options for larger numbers of pistols

In most cases, an o-ring sealed ammo can is one of the best options to keep your ammo dry during flooding. Plastic bags and covers will be more susceptible to tearing given the weight and sharp corners of most ammunition boxes. Other dry boxes for tools or other valuables as mentioned above are great options as well.

In the worst case scenario of your gear being submerged, we recommend reading the guides below published by NSSF and SAAMI on the best practices on how to handle guns and ammunition that have been damaged by flooding.