Why You Should Try .358 Winchester Ammo Next Time You Visit A Range

Why You Should Try .358 Winchester Ammo Next Time You Visit A Range

If you are planning a day at the range make sure to order .358 Winchester ammo online before you go.

At 2200 fps the .358 Winchester is sure to be a lot of fun at the range. If you are planning a hunting trip, be sure to order extra ammo since .358 Winchester ammo is perfect for big game in North America.

The History of the .358 Winchester

The .358 by Winchester first came about when Winchester began producing the Model 88 lever-action rifle, and the Model 70 lightweight bolt-action. The .358 is modeled after Winchester’s own .308 case. In European countries, the ammo is known as the 8.8x51mm where European rifle companies chamber the round for this specific cartridge. Currently, the Browning BLR is the only rifle available with a chamber. Previously the Model 99 Savage also carried .358 Winchester.

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Modern Specs On The .358 Winchester

As one of the most useful non-magnum .35 caliber cartridge, the .358 Winchester is an advancement over its predecessors. With improved performance thanks to handloading, the .358 Winchester if perfect for medium hunting. If you are feeling up to it, the Winchester also excels at long range too. Its 250-grain bullet is sure to get the job done with its impressive accuracy.

More About Winchester

Opened in the 1800s, Winchester Ammo is proud to be one of America’s most innovative ballistics company. It is no surprise that the .358 Winchester provides such innovative control for a cartridge. While we know that a 250-grain bullet can hit 2200 feet per second, a 158-grain bullet can hit 2850 feet per second. This makes the .358 Winchester an absolute beast to take out in the range or field. If you use a rifle with an excellent scope, you can expect even more impressive results form the .358 Winchester.

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