As of January 1st, 2018 California gun laws are changing, and very rapidly. New laws involve new ammunition regulations, background checks, and stricter laws involving convicted felons. Others make a little less sense. Lawmakers say that the new laws are an attempt to reduce the number of shootings, as well as, prevent firearms from being acquired illegally.

More Laws To Come

Law-abiding gun owners are baring most of the burden with these new  California gun laws, and they aren’t happy. While most firearm owners follow the laws already in place the new laws prohibiting ammunition from being sold or bought online is a whole new obstacle keeping them from freely exercising their second amendment rights. This isn’t the last of the new laws being put into place, an upcoming law will require background checks for every ammunition purchase.

What To Expect

As long as firearm owners are following these new laws, they shouldn’t have trouble with law enforcement. The NRA is currently working on a lawsuit to block the unnecessary laws. Even though some laws are already in effect, the background check has yet to be put into action. There is no clarity on how this will actually be implemented.

How Convicted Felons Will Be Affected

Those who have been convicted of any sort of serious felony will be the most watched firearm owners. Convictions involving violence, domestic abuse, illegal weapons, etc. will result in gun confiscation. Convicted individuals will have to show proof that they legally sold their firearms within the time period specified by the courts.

About LAX Ammo

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