Did you know you can expand the versatility of your rifle with reduced loads? LAX Ammo, bulk ammo online providers discuss further:

Once upon a time, a rifle had to do it all, but expecting one caliber to meet all your needs is a lot to ask. As time progressed, more options became available and more options are always good. But you don’t necessarily need more rifles to have more options. As factory loads improve, we find various bullets that can diversify the options for a single rifle. Sometimes those big-game loads just aren’t the right fit, and that’s when reduced loads are the answer.

Please note, if making a reduced load is done improperly, it can cause a major disaster for the reloader.  Making a reduced load does not simply mean that you just add a smaller quantity of the same powder of a full-load. This can cause the “detonation” effect, which destroys the firearm, or worse. A more sophisticated approach is necessary which includes the general pattern of pairing a relatively lightweight bullet for the caliber and a powder with a small charge and a fast burn-rate.

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Alliant 2400 has been a long-standing favorite powder when it comes to making reduced loads, but today the Accurate 5744 is probably the best choice for reloads. To see if there are any others that should be included on this short list, we decided to reduce-load test which included a .30-06 Springfield, a .308 Winchester, a .223 Remington and a .30-30 Winchester. What we found was that if you have a favorite-to-shoot rifle but rarely get a chance to use it because it is too powerful, or if you just want to experiment, a reduced load might be the answer. If you need more information there are plenty of information about how to properly prepare a reduced load.

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