Pros and Cons of the Popular 9mm

Pros and Cons of the Popular 9mm

There’s a lot more behind the very popular 9mm cartridge than you think. And you definitely can’t go wrong with our new or reloaded 9mm ammo. For now, here’s some very useful information about the popular cartridge.

Brief History of the 9mm

Officially, 9mm ammo is known as the 9x19mm Parabellum and was designed by Georg Luger in Germany. It was created for the Lugar Pistol in 1902. Today, it is a standard NATO cartridge, as well as most U.S. law enforcement agencies. There are many things that factor into the widespread popularity of the 9mm; the most prominent of these factors is the price and availability. Like most things, when there is a demand suppliers will manufacture more, competition increases, and prices drop. Since the government purchases a lot of this particular cartridge the public benefits as prices drop. Defensive ammunition used by U.S. law enforcement, and other special purpose ammunition, has been specifically designed to improve on penetration, recoil, and energy as compared to general purpose 9mm.

9mm Ammo Pros

  • Price. While price is not a ballistic characteristic it is definitely something you need to take into consideration. The amount purchased by law enforcement, the government, and private citizens ensures that prices stay low. You are probably aware that prices can change depending on politics and world events but the 9mm is relatively stable.
  • Options. When it comes to the 9mm you will have a lot of options, especially when it comes to pistol calibers. I dare you to find a manufacturer that doesn’t make a 9mm round. Having as many options as you do means that if there is something you don’t like about one, there is probably something out there that is perfect for you.
  • Recoil. Compared to most popular handgun calibers, you’ll find that the standard 9mm has comparably low recoil. With less recoil, you can quickly place an accurate follow-up shot.

9mm Ammo Cons

  • Low Energy. Unfortunately, with less recoil comes less energy. This means that the 9mm bullet leaving your muzzle won’t carry as much energy and much of that energy will be lost in flight.
  • Narrow Wound Channel. A standard 9mm will create a narrow wound channel because of its small diameter. But, there are hollow points and other defensive rounds available that will widen this channel.

About LAX Ammo

LAX Ammo doesn’t want to make the decision for you as to which 9mm round is best for you but we will tell you that you can’t go wrong with our factory new 9mm ammo. And if you’re looking to hit the range to fire off a whole lot of rounds try our 9mm reloaded rounds. We also stock some of the most popular brands in handgun and defensive 9mm rounds.