Father’s Day is right around the corner! You have just enough time to find him the perfect gift. Instead of getting him a boring gift certificate for an expensive restaurant or a tie he’ll never use, get him something he’ll actually love. Our online ammunition store or our brand new San Diego store are great places to pick up some of these items.

Stock His Gun Safe With Extra Rounds

Every gun owner will never get tired of getting extra rounds. Bullets are the ultimate gift for your gun loving dad. They are something that you know he’ll use and are sure to bring him happiness long after Father’s Day. For a range of inexpensive ammunition calibers, check out our LAX brand of new and reloaded ammo. They are an economical solution that means you can get him and a whole lot more.

Tactical Flashlight

Make sure your dad is prepared for any situation by giving him a tactical flashlight. They are a great gift idea because they have a long battery life and are easy to pack. There are several different brands and types of tactical flashlights on the market. Do a little bit of research and find the one that will best suit your father’s needs. Consider a mountable flashlight for his tactical pistols and rifles for an awesome way to upgrade his favorite weapon.

Upgrade His Ear And Eye Protection

Ear and eye protection are absolutely necessary, however, it is unlikely that he plans to upgrade his protection himself. Step up and replace his old gear. He’ll be grateful for the new gear and how much you care about his safety.

Armour Lite IsoBrite Valor Watch

If you really want to impress your dad this year get him an Armour Lite IsoBrite Valor Series Watch. The sapphire crystal material used on these watches is made from the same scratch resistant and anti-reflective material used on Rolex and Omega watches. Not to mention that the light on this water-resistant watch is four times brighter than the competition. Order one now from our online ammunition store and get it before Father’s Day.

LAX Firing Range Training Classes Or Membership

For a really unique gift, consider enrolling your dad in one of our range’s firearms or tactical rifle training class. Even better, take the class with him and get some real bonding time in, you’ll both learn everything you need to know.

If your dad loves shooting as much as we do, get him a membership to our range, there are several different packages available. Take a look at our LAX Firing Range website to see what package is best and what benefits come with each. What dad doesn’t love time on the range?

About LAX Ammo

If you’re still looking, check out our online ammunition store, you’re sure to find something that will make your dad happy. Don’t forget to keep an eye for some great Father’s Day deals by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.