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Help Your Friends Get Over Their Gun phobia

No matter how much you support the second amendment, chances are you have friends, or at least know someone that has internalized anti-gun culture. Arguments will happen over and over but the only way to really [...]

Ghost Guns And Assault Weapons – What’s Changed?

Gunmaggedon has most of us scrambling around trying to figure out exactly what is what. What’s legal and what is now illegal. Can you keep your gun? Do you have to register it? As a leading [...]

Easy Guide To Survive An Earthquake

When it comes to earthquakes, one can never be too prepared. We can never be certain when a devastating earthquake might hit. It is our responsibility to have the proper knowledge base to guide yourself and [...]

5 Steps to Pin & Weld Your Own Muzzle Brake

Since 1934, Congress has limited the legal length of a regular rifle barrel to 16 inches. However, there is a caveat in the law that allows a barrel to be shorter if you permanently affix it to [...]

When Your Guns and Ammo Get Caught In The Storm

After the flurry of storms reeking havoc on the US, gun owners are finding themselves questioning whether submerged guns and ammunition can be salvaged. When it comes to firearms, it is better to err on the [...]

Survival Skills: Tracking

Back in the days of the Wild West, Native American guides would leave cowboys in awe at their ability navigate the wilderness and track their movements. Your favorite bulk ammunition store is here to provide you with [...]

Are You Tactical Or Tacticool?

Being ‘tactical’ revolves more around your mindset than it does having impressive accessories. Of course, weapons and ammunition are important but you’re more likely to succumb to thirst or hunger before you enter a combat situation. [...]

Top 10 Must Have Cartridges in America

Do you really want to own one firearm and only one suitable cartridge to go with it? No one does and fortunately here in America, we are not limited to a number of firearms we are [...]

.223 Remington vs. 5.56 NATO

The most commonly used rifle rounds for AR-15s in both military and civilian use are .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO. These two types of rifle cartridges are nearly identical in shape, size, and form, but have [...]

CA Gun Laws: Easy To Pass, Hard to Execute

There has been a slew of new California gun laws in the wake of the San Bernardino mass shooting. Of those, California is seeing some massive delays in their implementation. Proving that, in California, gun laws [...]