When Your Guns and Ammo Get Caught In The Storm

When Your Guns and Ammo Get Caught In The Storm

After the flurry of storms reeking havoc on the US, gun owners are finding themselves questioning whether submerged guns and ammunition can be salvaged. When it comes to firearms, it is better to err on the side of caution. Water damaged parts or ammunition can result in serious injury or worse. As an online ammunition store, we know the importance of being able to salvage what you can. Here are some guidelines for you to follow.

Submerged Firearms, What To Do

Before beginning any treatment process, be sure that your firearm is unloaded. Traditional firearms tend to have wooden stocks, metals parts, and grips that are vulnerable to damage caused by water exposure. Today, many guns now use polymer frames, stocks, and corrosion resistant metals that reduce their vulnerability to water damage. If you have a firearm that is made from these materials, note that if not properly attended do, they can still suffer damage. When your gun has been exposed or even submerged, your first step is to limit moisture damage to the various components. As always, safety is an important step: make sure your gun is not loaded and wear safety glasses. Second, if possible, remove grips or stocks, regardless of whether they are synthetic or wooden. They can trap moisture and cause further corrosion to your metal parts. Next, you need to dry any and all optics, synthetic and metal parts. You'll need to disassemble your firearm, check your user’s manual for disassembly steps. If you are unsure get help from a qualified gunsmith. When drying off your optics, use caution as slit or grit can scratch the lens. Consider returning your optic to the manufacturer to ensure that any coatings are not damaged and the hermetic sealing is still intact. From here, using moisture-displacing lubricant, flood the inside of your barrel and all metal parts. With a dry cloth, remove the initial application along with any contamination, and add a second coat. After performing all the mentioned steps it is important to consider having your weapon inspected by the manufacturer, qualified gunsmith, or authorized service center. Our online ammunition store has a firing range that offers these services. 

Submerged Ammunition, A More Complicated Issue

Your ammunition can be exposed to moisture anytime you are hunting or shooting. Handgun, centerfire rifle, and shotgun shell ammo tend to tolerate exposure to moisture quite well, so long as exposure is for a short period and are immediately wiped dry. Regardless, if your ammunition has been overly exposed or completely submerged in water, there are far too many variables to take into consideration and attempts to salvage any is not advised. Attempting to salvage any ammunition has potential hazards:
  • Failure To Fire, ramifications can be life-threatening
  • Attempting to dry the cartridge would result in further deterioration
  • It is possible that there will be inadequate pressure required for the projectile to completely exit the barre caused by any number of reasons
  • Firing another round while the aforementioned projectile obstructs the barrel can cause serious or fatal injuries and/or property damage
We advise you to make no attempt in salvaging or using submerged ammunition and dispose of it safely and responsibly. If you have questions on how to safely dispose of your damaged ammunition contact your local law enforcement agency. Under no condition should you ship it back to the manufacturer, or our online ammunition store.

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