Gun Cleaning - DIY

Gun Cleaning - DIY

I think we can all agree that our guns are one of the most important tools in our lives. It can be used to defend our country, property, and loved ones. It can also be use to put food on the table or just for fun. Regardless of how each individual uses their guns, you need to keep it clean. A clean gun is a happy gun. And a happy gun will shoot the ammunition you get from our online ammunition store smoother and more accurately.

Break Down, Inspect, And Clean

Before you start, make sure you are using a flat, clean surface out of the reach of children and pets. Lay out a towel or rubber mat and break down your gun by field stripping it. Inspect the parts of your gun for wear or unusual characteristics. If everything seems normal, dip your nylon brush into your cleaning solvent. Scrub all metal parts with solvent to remove any powder or lead buildup. Once your gun is as clean as it can get secure a hard bristle barrel brush to your cleaning rod. Dip the brush into the solvent and scrub the barrel until the bristles run smooth. Repeat the process as many times necessary. If your kit has a plastic tip and patches, replace the brush with the plastic tip and insert a patch. Run the patch through your barrel until there is no longer any black residue.

Lubrication And Reassembly

Now, grab your gun scrubber to remove the solvent. Allow your gun parts to dry for approximately 10-15 minutes. When they are dry it’s time to lubricate your parts. Shake your oil well and follow the specified lubrication procedure in your owner’s manual. Be sure not to under or over lubricate your gun as it can cause unexpected wear and malfunctions. Put your weapon back together. When that is done, work the action in order to spread the lubrication to those hard to reach spots. Too finish up, wipe down the exterior surfaces with a silicone reel cloth.

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