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New Shooter Guide: How NOT to Shoot a Pistol

Are you new to the shooting game?  There’s some important information you should know before heading to the range to fire off some rounds.  Popular YouTube channel, hicko45, shares how NOT to shoot a pistol.  LAX [...]

Jerry Miculek’s Tips for Excellent Revolver Shooting

Jerry Miculek is a world-renowned professional shooter. He holds a number of world records, including that for 8 accurate rounds on 4 targets in 1.06 seconds and 6 shots, a reload and 6 more accurate shots [...]

Your Bullet Guide: Everything you need to Know

One of the most daunting tasks for new shooters is deciding what kind of gun to get in terms of caliber size.  Most people think a bullet is a bullet and each of them kills just [...]

5 Ballistic Shooting Terms Every Gun Enthusiast Needs To Know

Long-range shooting has become one of the hottest trends in the shooting scene over the last decade or so. This style of shooting has become so popular that it has resulted in the design of new [...]

The Truth about Appendix Carry

There are just about as many ways to carry your handgun as there are places to buy ammo online; each one with their own set of strengths and weaknesses.  Over the last two to three years, [...]

5 Tips To Improve Your Accuracy With A Scope

When shooting, using a scope may seem elementary, but there are many things done to ensure that shots are accurate. Small adjustments can completely change the way the rifle aims before ammo is fired. Novice shooters [...]