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California Gun Laws Are Trying To Change

To no surprise, California gun laws are trying to change, yet again.  The state is seeking for stores to require keeping records of who is buying, and for buyers to show identification before being [...]

Can I Buy Ammunition Online in California?

With the new year, it’s always good to keep up to date with ammunition laws for your state. Our online ammunition store is here to gather all the data for you so you can stay informed [...]

Strict Gun Laws in Full Force

As of January 1st, 2018 California gun laws are changing, and very rapidly. New laws involve new ammunition regulations, background checks, and stricter laws involving convicted felons. Others make a little less sense. Lawmakers say that [...]

Ghost Guns And Assault Weapons – What’s Changed?

Gunmaggedon has most of us scrambling around trying to figure out exactly what is what. What’s legal and what is now illegal. Can you keep your gun? Do you have to register it? As a leading [...]

How to Know If Your Stun Gun Is Legal?

In today’s ever increasingly dangerous world with more and more restrictions on law-abiding gun owners, protecting yourself and your loved ones has become more difficult than ever.  We’re teaming up with freelance writer Jess Walters and [...]

Appeals Court Finds Potential Unconstitutional Gun Ban

A federal appeals court recently ruled that a 40+-year old federal law might violate the Second Amendment. The law deals with banning those who have a mental health history from owning a firearm. LAX Ammunition, an [...]

D.C. Stun Gun Ban Lifted After Second Amendment Advocates Take a Stand

D.C. officials will not charge three residents with illegal use of stun-guns after they challenged the law. In fact, records show that lawmakers are working on legislation that will lift the ban on stun-guns all together. [...]

Nine States Where You Can Carry Concealed Without A Permit

After West Virginia legislators vetoed a permit-less carry law by Govenor Earl Ray Tomblin, there are now nine states in the U.S. that allow concealed carry handguns without a permit. LAX Ammunition, an ammo manufacturer that [...]

What do gun control activists really know about guns?

Comedian Steven Chowder hits the streets to debunk “common sense” arguments for gun control. He set up shop with a booth on a public street and stopped passersby to quiz them on their general gun knowledge [...]

What Do the New California Gun Laws Mean For You?

California Governor, Jerry Brown, signed 5 new gun control laws on Friday, July 1st.  Two of those laws (SB 880 and AB 1135) re-define “assault weapons” and their registration requirements.  In the short time since these [...]