Reduced Loads: Do More With Less

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What Is The Best .38 Special For Self Defense?

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Ammo Storage Is Actually More Important Than You Think, Here’s Why

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10mm Ammo Still Great In The Present-Day

10mm ammo has improved greatly, and the 30th Anniversary Colt Delta Elite is evidence of that How has the 10mm been updated? The 10mm has been stagnant since the introduction of the .40S&W As of 2002, [...]

5 Incredible Breakthroughs in Bullet and Ammunition Accuracy

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The FBI And The 10mm Ammo Handgun

The .40 Smith & Wesson cartridge was developed out of the FBI’s dalliance with 10mm ammo handguns and law enforcement agencies are still questioning the 10mm’s place in law enforcement. Here is a brief history of [...]

Deciding The Best Caliber For Self-Defense Ammo

Three elements remain critical when choosing the highest caliber self defense ammo: power, speed, and capacity. The importance of gun ownership and self-defense go hand in hand. Choosing the best self defense ammo comes down to the power, speed, [...]

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