Can I Buy Ammunition Online in California?

Can I Buy Ammunition Online in California?

With the new year, it’s always good to keep up to date with ammunition laws for your state. Our online ammunition store is here to gather all the data for you so you can stay informed of your rights as a California gun owner.

California gun owners are going to see new restrictions this year and the next. Approved changes to ammunition laws are happening yet some Californians are still confused on what is and aren’t allowed. Let’s go through the rundown of major changes for ammunition laws in our state.

Online DeliveriesOnline Ammo Store

To dispel the confusion, yes, ammunition can still be bought online or through a catalog. However, you can't have ammunition sent directly to your residence. Furthermore, your packages must be shipped first to a licensed ammunition vendor who must then charge you a processing fee.

Reloading Supplies

Reloading supplies being directly shipped to you aren't restricted by the ban on direct mail deliveries. Therefore bare bullets, empty cartridges, and other unassembled ammunition parts are exempt from the law as there is no specific mentioning of these in the laws. Good news for those who handload!

Background Checks

Background checks for purchasing ammunition go into effect in July 2019. Until then, Californians would only need to purchase their ammunition and follow current laws in effect when they do so.

Ammo Purchase Limits

The new rules impose no limits on the quantity of ammunition purchased.

LAX Ammo Dealer Locator

Coming soon is our LAX Online Dealer Locator. Californians looking to purchase ammunition online and can’t visit our brick-and-mortar locations would, therefore, have the capability of placing an order with us and directing the shipment over to one of our affiliate local dealers. This gives you the ease of access to our wide range of stock with minimal hassle.

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