How Does Your Arsenal Stack Up?

How Does Your Arsenal Stack Up?

Stacked in front of you is your arsenal. You own an insane amount of firepower just waiting to be unleashed. As you marvel at your collection you may want to take just a moment to consider how it would really stack up if an end of the world situation were to arise. Would your arsenal allow you to dig in for long-term survival? Or would you go out in a blaze of glory? Really look at it and if need be, visit our online ammunition store and load up on some bulk ammo for the long haul.

The ongoing debate on best caliber

To logically debate which is the best caliber, we have to suspend our own personal prejudices and preferences. Take a look at your arsenal, and seriously consider which of your firearms will get you beyond just the next day. Being able to get your hands on the right ammunition may be more important than the amount of firepower. You don’t have to completely dismiss your favorite weapon, just take ammo shortages into account. And if we’re being totally honest, ammo shortages are already a reality.

Make sure to cover your bases

When it comes to survival you’ll want to make sure that you have a gun for defense, long-range shooting, and hunting. A good arsenal should address both battle needs and survival needs and this can typically mean different tools. If a weapon can serve more than one purpose you’ll be better off.

Hunting rifle can also serve as your long-range rifle

A 30-06 rifle can be a competent rifle for both survival and hunting. There’s one main thing you want to take into consideration when deciding between your .308 and 30-06. Yep, you guessed it, which round will you be able to find more easily. You’ll get a lot of people swearing by the .308 since it may well be the best all around gun in its class but 30-06 rounds could be easier to find.

Best self-defense weapon for the end of the world

Top choice for a home defense weapon tends to be a 12-gauge shotgun. It has a variety of ammo choices and is readily available. As for handgun choice, you won’t find much argument against the .357 magnum. The .357 magnum covers both stopping power and availability of ammunition. Leaving the .22 rimfire rifle out of the equation would be blasphemous. Ammo for your .22 rimfire rifle is abundant and easy to carry. While it is limited in its loading capacity you can add a conversion kit to improve firepower with .22lr ammunition.

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