9mm ammo is the most used ammunition in the United States and performs as well and sometimes even better than larger bore pistols.

Popularity of the 9mm:

  • The two top gun manufacturers, Smith & Wesson and Colt drew consumers in the 50s to 9mm pistols.
  • Use of the 9mm in the military made it popular.
  • Performance has increased from the use of modern bullets and higher velocity.
  • Comparable in penetration to .45 ACP.
  • The diameter can expand wider than the .45 pistol.
  • Can cause greater tissue damage than the .45.9mm ammo 1

The 9mm Luger was revealed at the same time as the Luger in 1902. The German military was the first to adopt it. Nearly every non communist force has placed the 9mm in their arsenal.

The popularity of the 9mm Luger has not always been present in the U.S until 1951, when Colt used its lightweight commander for the 9mm. The increasing number of military pistols chambered for the 9mm and the use of the lightweight commander were just some of the reasons why the 9mm became so popular in the U.S. Though it’s the most used cartridge in the U.S., some question the stopping power for its use as a defense cartridge.

The engineering of modern bullets has affected the effectiveness of the 9mm Luger. A person who carries a 9mm coupled with effective defensive ammunition should be as safe as a person carrying a .45 Auto.

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