When shooting, using a scope may seem elementary, but there are many things done to ensure that shots are accurate. Small adjustments can completely change the way the rifle aims before ammo is fired. Novice shooters must learn how to use a scope properly and maintain accuracy. The following tips will help you improve your accuracy when you aim with a rifle scope.

1. The scope, mount, and rifle must be in sync with each other

Think of the scope, mount, and rifle as one. Each of the parts is less useful without the other being utilized properly. When purchasing each of the parts, be sure to do thorough research.

2. Know which rifle scope works best for your rifle

When looking for a rifle scope, think of what you will use it for and choose the one that will work best in the conditions it will be used. For example, using a scope that works for a benchrest competition rifle would not work on a simple lightweight deer gun.

3. Know how to use the parallax adjustment

The parallax adjustment is used to adjust the scope aiming point as you look through the lens. Parallaxes will often have the distance listed, but this is rarely accurate. An experienced shooter should be able to estimate the distance to the target and adjust the parallax position accordingly. This will come to you with practice!

4. Know to properly adjust the scope so that the wobble area is best suited for you

The wobble area is the area that is a bit shaky as you increase the magnification of the scope. The goal is to have the wobble area as small as possible just before you take the shot.

5. Time your shot

As you decrease the wobble area and you prepare to take your shot, time your shot properly so that you have a good chance of hitting the target.