The quality of ammunition has varied since the start of its conception. An influx of elegant and highly efficient ammunition such as 10mm ammo has dawned a new age, creating room for improvement of future ammunition.

Below you’ll find detailed information about several breakthroughs in bullet and ammunition accuracy:

Hornady ELD X Ammunition

The ELD X which is part of the Hornady is the new hunting bullets. They are considered one of the greatest leaps in bullets and ammo quality since last. The ammunition contains a heat shield tip which prevents bending due to frictional heat at long range. The Hornady ELD X is extremely accurate and can expand at short or long distances.

Trophy Bonded Tip Bullets
The Trophy Bonded Tip bullet was reclassified as a reloading component. The bullet contains a 95-5 shank, a fused lead alloy core, an orange polymer tip,


The 22-Nosler is a high velocity bullet and is able to shoot varmints and perform from long range, much like 10mm ammo.

10mm ammo


The 224-Valkyrie is viewed as the “mother of all long range cartridges”. It can handle velocity and long range like no other cartridge. To top it off, Valkyrie’s recoil is minimal.

25.45 Sharps

The Sharps round that we’re detailing is specifically the .223 attached to a .25-caliber. The goal of the Sharps round is to replicate the ballistics of a deer round, but not just any round, the most incredible one ever created, the 250 Savage.

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