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California Gun Laws Are Trying To Change

To no surprise, California gun laws are trying to change, yet again.  The state is seeking for stores to require keeping records of who is buying, and for buyers to show identification before being [...]

10mm Ammo Still Great In The Present-Day

10mm ammo has improved greatly, and the 30th Anniversary Colt Delta Elite is evidence of that How has the 10mm been updated? The 10mm has been stagnant since the introduction of the .40S&W As of 2002, [...]

5 Incredible Breakthroughs in Bullet and Ammunition Accuracy

The quality of ammunition has varied since the start of its conception. An influx of elegant and highly efficient ammunition such as 10mm ammo has dawned a new age, creating room for improvement of future ammunition. [...]

The FBI And The 10mm Ammo Handgun

The .40 Smith & Wesson cartridge was developed out of the FBI’s dalliance with 10mm ammo handguns and law enforcement agencies are still questioning the 10mm’s place in law enforcement. Here is a brief history of [...]

What You Don’t Know about the 9mm Luger

9mm ammo is the most used ammunition in the United States and performs as well and sometimes even better than larger bore pistols. Popularity of the 9mm: The two top gun manufacturers, Smith & Wesson and [...]

Why The .22LR Ammo May Be The Most Efficient Round

There’s no doubt that there are a lot of pistols, rifles, and guns to choose from on the market. From easy availability of the .22lr ammo we’ve picked the most efficient round on the market based on [...]

Is Factory New Ammo As Good As Handloads?

Many leading proponents of factory new ammo assert that factory ammo is surpassing handloads in many ways, including cost, accuracy, and convenience. This shift in quality is a result of advancements in technology which allow for [...]

Deciding The Best Caliber For Self-Defense Ammo

Three elements remain critical when choosing the highest caliber self defense ammo: power, speed, and capacity. The importance of gun ownership and self-defense go hand in hand. Choosing the best self defense ammo comes down to the power, speed, [...]

Cartridge Talk: The .22LR Ammo

The .22LR Ammo is among the most versatile calibers due to the mass availability and variety of this round. There’s nothing the .22 LR can’t do. The Variety is Endless The key feature of the .22LR [...]

Can I Buy Ammunition Online in California?

With the new year, it’s always good to keep up to date with ammunition laws for your state. Our online ammunition store is here to gather all the data for you so you can stay informed [...]