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Customer Reviews:
jwhess  (Tuesday, 08 April 2014)
Rating: 5
Wow! Much better than I expected! The brass was uniform and was as good as I've seen in any factory ammo. You can see that care was taken in the
manufacture of this ammo. The case it come in is of good quality too. I haven't put any through my Glocks yet, but from what I have read I don't
expect any issues. I will definitely be ordering more...

thewarden  (Monday, 07 April 2014)
Rating: 5
Bought these last September or so. Not one single issue through a S&W M&P40. Will purchase again! Love getting them in an ammo can too!

jpalman  (Tuesday, 25 March 2014)
Rating: 5
Definitely one of the best deals on .40 reloads out there. All of the primers I've looked at are set properly and the 2-dozen or so rounds I've taken
my micrometer to have all been spot on. Very snappy and they don't gunk up my Glock 23 as much as other reloads I've used have.

denimheat  (Tuesday, 18 March 2014)
Rating: 5
Have put nearly 500 rounds through a Taurus PT-140 with no misfires of FTF. Highly recommend this ammo.

Tres Chapman  (Friday, 14 February 2014)
Rating: 5
Ordered this 500round can late saturday night. LAX ammo shipped the order on Monday. FedEx delivered on Friday (LA county to North East Texas). Pulled
two large handfuls from the can to examine. Found all rounds had primers that were well set. Brass is mixed head stamp, primarily Winchester and
Federal with a few Blazers mixed in. Brass appears to have been resized properly (no bulges in the cases that Glocks are prone to leave aka. glock
smile, glock buldge etc.). However I did not get a micrometer out and mic each case, just a visual inspection. Product appears correct and shipping
time was acceptable. Look forward to having fun with this inexpensive ammo.


Reloaded 40 S&W 180Gr. 500rds W/ Ammo Can


This product is currently not available.
$ 135.99

Quality Factory Reloads

Caliber: 40 S&W

Bullet: Copper-Plated

Grain Weight: 180 gr.

Brass & Nickel-plated Brass casings

FPS: 980

Ammunition is packaged in Plastic Ammo Can

LAX Reloads arrow Handgun Reloads arrow Reloaded 40 S&W 180Gr. 500rds W/ Ammo Can
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